Ring Report from October 1968: International President Ronald Haines Visits Bangalore

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 48 No. 10 (October 1968), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

NO. 177, BANGALORE, INDIA — S. K. Vasantha Kumar: Ring Report 

For the first time in the history of the International Brotherhood of Magicians an International President visited India. On the 20th August, 1968 International President Ronald Haines and Mrs. Haines paid a three-day visit to Bangalore. To honour our distinguished visitors Ring No. 177 hosted a three day Magic Fiesta. This was another first in the history of magic in India and in the history of the I.B.M. For it was the first time that al] three I.B.M. Rings in India joined together in a magic get together. Participating in this memor­able occasion were officers and mem­bers of Ring 67, Bombay, Ring 83, Calcutta, Ring 177 Bangalore, other I.B.M. members in India, and many other magicians of repute. 

On the afternoon of the 20th a cor­dial welcome was accorded our In­ternational I.B.M. President by Ring 177 and by the Mysore Membership of Magicians, Bangalore. The several members headed by Ring President, Sri C. R. Corera garlanded Interna­tional President Ronald Haines and Mrs. Haines profusely. Mr. Hameed Sayani of Bombay travelled with Mr. and Mrs. Haines from Bombay. Our distinguished guests were introduced to our Ring members by Mr. Benja­min J. Kleinman of the United States, who helped organize Ring No. 177 on an earlier visit to India and who had arrived in Bangalore on the 17th of August.

BANGALORE RING honoured International President Ronald Haines during his recent tour. Shown 1. to r., Prof. A. S. Pillai, Ring v. p., Ben Kleinman, Ruth Haines, Minister Sri. Puttaswamy, and Mrs. Kleinman, look on as Mr. Haines addresses public reception.

Among the several magicians pre­sent for this great event were Terri­torial Vice President for India, P. C. Sorcar, Ring 83 President, P. C. Sor­car, Jr. Ring 83 Secretary, Madhab Choudhuri, Rin g 67 Secretary, Hameed sayani Tayade, Fred J. Hemi, Prof. S. D. Appaiah, Prof. Bhayagyanath, Prof. M. Chinna, Prof. N. M. Hakla, Prof. Ap­paderai, Prof. A. S. Pillai, N. T. Kas­turi Rangan and Pro. S. K. Vasantha Kumar, for whom Ring No. 177 is named. 

That evening the Highlight of the three day programme was held at Ravindra Kalakshetra to a packed house. A public reception was held be­fore the show. It was presided over by Sri Puttaswamy, Honorable Minister for Labour, Parliamentary Affairs and Municipal Administration as a deputy of the Chief Minister who was away in Delhi on urgent government work. Sri C. R. Corera, President Ring 177 Bangalore, opened the public recep­tion with a welcome address, the in­troduction of the American dignatar­ies and an explanation of the value and importance of the Art of Magic in the field of entertainment.

Photo l. to r., Sri. Costa, host of banquet given for Haines, B. Kleinman, Mrs. Costa, Mrs. Ronald Haines, Sri. C. R, Corera, Mrs. Kleinman, Intl. Pres. Haines, Mrs. C. R. Corera, and Sri. G. W. Corera. Photos by Sri Dwarakanath.

 Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar talked about the Educational value of the Art and requested the patronage of the Government, public and press. Sri Puttaswamy, Honorable Cabinet Min­ister, extolled the Art of Magic and praised the activities of the magic as­sociations in Bangalore. International President Ronald Haines gave a suit­able reply in which he expressed his appreciation for the kind gesture and honor given to him by the Associa­tions of Bangalore. Sri C. R. Corera garlanded the American dignitaries and the Minister who presided on the occasion. 

The Magical fiesta was opened by Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar with the vanishing bird cage and the Tam­bourine Rings. Prof. A. S. Pillai per­formed his popular cross illusion and other effects. Prof. Bhagyanath of Madras, an illusionist, performed his Drum-Lady, a chopper illusion and other items. International President Ronald Haines performed several of the card effects which he has origin­ated or which he manufactures. Mr. Benjamin Kleinman performed sev­eral effects u^ing his “utility.” Mrs. Kleinman, the only lady on the pro­gram, performed knotted silks and some rope tricks which were very much appreciated. Prof. Chinna per­formed his coffee trick and other ef­fects. Prof. Ambaco performed mis­cellaneous tricks. The program was closed by Prof. K. Lai, the fastest magician in the world, with several of his illusions including ‘time and space’, ‘Houdini box trick’, ‘Chinese house’, Three ghosts from Japan’, ‘Rocket illusion’ and ‘Cannon illusion’. The programme was closed with the National Anthem. 

On the morning of the 21st Interna­tional President Haines attended a press conference which had b^en ar­ranged by Ring President Sri Corera. Then he and Mrs. Haines and Mr. and Mrs. Kleinman attended a meeting of Ring No. 177, Bangalore and then a meeting of the Mysore Membership of Magicians. After this meeting there was a lunch arranged for by the My-sore Membership of Magicians. 

The second evening’s show program was also held at the Ravindra Kalak­shetra. Prof. A. S. Pillai, Prof. Bhag­yanath and Prof. Chinna were also on this program. Also appearing were Mr. Hameed sayani, who performed some mental tricks very beautifully; Prof. N. M. Hakla from Hospet, who performed doubling of currency trick; Mr. Fred J. Hemi, who presented a novel 20th Century silk routine depict­ing current topic connected with Jerusalem and Israel; Sri D. A. Tavade with a wonderful presentation of the card in balloon and other effects; Prof. Appadurai who performed several tricks including milk in cone and Prof. Bass who closed the show with his sleight of hand tricks. 

The Magical fiesta came to a bril­liant closure with a grand banquet hosted by Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Corera, President of Ring 177, at the Banga­lore Club Annex, which was attended by the elite of Bangalore and many prominent magicians. 

Submitted to The Linking Ring by C. R. Corera 

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 131-133, The Linking Ring Vol. 48 No. 10 (October 1968); Howard Bamman, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.