Ring Report from November 1967: D. A. Tayade Felicitated at Bangalore

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 47 No. 11 (November 1967), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

NO. 177, BANGALORE, INDIA — S. K. Vasantha Kumar: Ring Report 

The members of The Mysore Mem­bership of Magicians Bangalore and Bangalore I.B.M. Ring No. 177 gath­ered at Cauvery Films, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, during August 1967 pre­senting felicitations to the honored guest and secretary of Bombay Ring No. 177, Sri. Tayade. Veteran magicians like Prof. S. K. Appaiah, Prof. A. S. Pillai, Prof. Vasantha Kumar, and Vijay Desh­pandey were present.

Sri. Tayade arrived punctually to open his lecture demonstration which was the highlight of the occasion. He was introduced by Prof. S. K. Vasan­tha Kumar. Sri. Tayade started his lecture demonstration by exhibiting the way in which the cut and restored rope trick ought to be worked out. He explained that the moves ought to be very slow and picking up of the scis­sors is the crux of the act and should be performed diligently.

BANGALORE RING 177 honoured Sri. D. A. Tayade, magician and lecturer at their August meeting. Left to right: Prof. A. S. Pillai, Sri. D. A. Tayade, and Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar. 

The first time the rope is taken and middle portion of it held in both the hands to demonstrate to the public the place where it would be cut must be similar to the move Which was exhibited, the second time when the trick of the trade was done by taking a little slack of the rope. He emphasized that a variation of the first move from the second move would lead the audience to suspicion. He emphatically stated that magicians ought to be very dili­gent and courteous to spectators when they are called on the stage to assist. He further pointed out that the moves of magicians ought to be well re­hearsed. That the public is getting magic minded, analysing the enter­tainer’s moves faulty or otherwise.

According to him the art of magic in India is miles behind when compared to the western countries, in spite of the fact that the art of magic indubi­tably originated in India. He was quite sure that specialization of the art would really help individuals in their performances. Also he touched on the specializations of manufactur­ing of apparatus. He stated that good apparatus with good get up should definitely be desired by magicians of taste. It is no wonder such good ap­paratus is required by magicians in foreign countries. He stated that he had exported his magical goods to many foreign countries as he had specialized in the field. 

In glowing terms he praised the activities of the Mysore Membership of Magicians and also I.B.M. Ring Bangalore and stated that the I.B.M. organization is the largest magicians order in the world. That he would carry happy memories to his ring members in Bombay. 

Sri Pandurangi Ramachar, the Ad­visor of the Association and Prof. Bass, co-ordinator of the Ring (at­tached to the Mysore Membership of Magicians) spoke about the achieve­ments of Tayade. Prof. A. S. Pillai, the vice-president of the I.B.M. Ring, Bangalore admired the activities of Mr. Tayade in regard to the manu­facture of apparatus and garlanded on behalf of the I.B.M. Ring, Banga­lore. Prof. Bass garlanded on behalf of Mysore Membership of Magicians. 

A trick session was held during which Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar, Sri. Anantha Ram and Prof. Bass performed sleight of hand tricks. Prof. Vasantha Kumar thanked Sri. Tayade, for his good will visit. With vote of thanks and pleasantries be­tween magicians, the meeting was adjourned after refreshment. 

Submitted to The Linking Ring by A. S. Pillai

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 162-163, The Linking Ring Vol. 47 No. 11 (November 1967); Alvin Richard Plough, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.