Ring Report from June 1968: Planning Meeting for the upcoming visit of Mr. Werner Hornung and Mr. Axel Velden of Germany

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 48 No. 6 (June 1968), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

NO. 177, BANGALORE, INDIA — S. K. Vasantha Kumar: Ring Report 

The January meeting was held at Cauvery Films, Gandhinagar, Banga­lore. It centered around plans for a fitting welcome to I.B.M. members Mr. Werner Hornung and Mr. Axel Velden of Germany, who are on a good-will visit to India and the far East to augment the international brotherhood among magicians of the world.

Ring President Sri C. R. Corera has been chosen unanimously as the chairman of the 9th Annual Convention of the Mysore Member­ship of Magicians, Bangalore. He ex­plained the elaborate plans he has for these visiting I.B.M. dignitaries. The convention will be a special conven­tion to honour Mr. Hornung and Mr. Velden.

This is the second time that a convention of the Mysore Membership of Magicians has been held to honour a visiting foreign magician. In 1964 one was held to honour Mr. Benjamin J. Kleinman of New York. He was re­sponsible for the establishment of Ring 177. Mr. Kleinman is scheduled to again visit Ring 177 in the year 1968. 

The members felt glad to know that Mr. Werner Hornung has been chosen as the Good-Will Ambassador of the I.B.M. from Europe. 

Plans were chalked out by Sri. Pandurangi Ramachar, Advisor to the Convention Committee, to hold an Exhibition, Business session and In­auguration by Mr. Hornung and Mr. Velden on April 5th. A dinner and close-up show for all members will follow. Mr. Hornung will do a blind­fold drive on the morning of April 6th. This will be followed by Micro Magic by Mr. Velden and a lunch hosted by Ring President Sri. Corera. In the evening there will be a dinner for the visiting magicians and a show by Maxmueller Bhavan. A Gala show will follow on the 7th. Then Mr. Hor­nung and Mr. Velden will give a Benefit show for the ‘Mysore Mem­bership of Magicians.’ 

Submitted to The Linking Ring by Sri. N. T. Kasturirangan 

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 127, The Linking Ring Vol. 48 No. 6 (June 1968); Alvin Richard Plough, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.