Ring Report from July 1968: Combined Convention in Bangalore to host Werner Hornung and Axel Velden from Germany

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 48 No. 7 (July 1968), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.


On April 5 a Convention sponsored jointly by the Bangalore Ring 177 and the Mysore Membership of Magicians was inaugurated by Messrs. Werner Hornung and Axel Velden of Germany. The welcoming party on hand at the airport to greet the German visitors included Sri C. R. Corera, Sri. T. Krishna Murthy, Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar, Baby V. Mamatha, Sri. Bhaskar Rao, Prof. H. Ganesha Rao, Prof. Baas, Sri Ramaprasad, Capt. M.G.K. Murthy, Sri S.K.S. Prasanna, Sri C. B. Dvvar­akanath, Sri Rajgopal, Sri Krishna Murchy, Sri Pandurangi Ramachar, Mr. Imam, (Administrative Officer, Max Lluellcr Bhavan) Mr. Breuer (Director of Goethe Institute). Prof. S K. Vasantha Kumar offer­ed word of welcome in German after which the visitors proceeded to their hotel. 

BANGALORE CONVENTION SHOW offered top talent and enjoyment. Shown above, top row, 1. to r.; Sri. C. R. Corera, Pres. Bangalore Ring as he presents garland to Werner Hornung, and Prof. A. S. Pillai in his Cross Illusion. Bottom row, 1. to r; Werner Hornung, Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar and Axel Velden. Photos by Sri. C B. Dwarakanath 

On the evening of the 5th, after a sumptuous dinner, a trick session was offered by members of both Ring 177 and the Mysore Membership. Per­formers included Ring Pres. Sri C. R. Corera, Prof. Pillai, Prof. Kumar, Prof. Baas, Sri Swaminathan and Dr. Panduranga Rao. 

On April 6th Werner Hornung drove blindfolded through the city of Bangalore. Following was a session of Micro-Magic by both Mr. Hornung with the aid of the Mysore Member and Mr. Velden. 

On April 7th the gala Convention Show, “Magical Kaleidoscope” was given at the Century Club. Again, the members of Ring 177 and the Mysore Membership participated. Opening the show was Capt. Murthy with his comedy effects. Next, Prof. Vasantha Kumar offered several fine pieces of magic and Mr. Hornung presented several fine effects with cigarettes and was followed by Prof. Pillai with a few illusions. Prof. Zard, Prof. V.N.K. Menon, and Prof. Baas ap­peared in order to offer exciting and varied effects. And Prof. Chinna closed the show with a fine routine with linking rings. Compeer was Prof. Pillai and Prof. Baas was M. C. 

At 7 p.m. Messrs Hornung and Velden offered a program of salon magic at the Institute of Engineers ship of Magicians. 

On April 8, a fitting sendoff was given the German visitors who were scheduled to appear next at Secun­darabad. 

Special mention is made of the Con­vention Committee under Sri. C. R. Corera, Chairman, and Sri T. Krishna Murthy and Sri. K. Swaminathan, Co-Chairman. They were assisted by Prof. H. Ganesha Rao, Prof. Vasan­tha Kumar, and Sri Pandurangi Ram­achar. 

Submitted to The Linking Ring by C. R. Corera, Pres. Ring 177, Bangalore, India 

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 83-84, The Linking Ring Vol. 48 No. 7 (July 1968); Howard Bamman, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.