Special Mention from October 1968: Thornton Poole in Magic International

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 48 No. 10 (October 1968), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

An excerpt from the ‘MAGIC INTERNATIONAL’ article by Thornton Poole 

Early in August a letter went to magicians in India, from S. R. Cor­era, the President of Ring 177 in Bangalore, informing them that there would be a Public Reception on Aug­ust 20th for International President Ronald Haines and Mrs. Haines who would be visiting Bangalore at that time.

Newspaper cuttings report de­tails of the All India Magic Congress that took place when the Haines’ were in Bangalore. These show P. C. Sorcar with Ronald Haines and Ben­jamin Kleinman.

I have also receiv­ed a most colorful program which has Greetings from the Secretary and the President of India and other high Indian Officials, and shows pic­tures of Sorcar, Brother Haines and many other notable magicians such as Milbourne Christopher and Wer­ner Hornung.

This All India Congress is the first such gathering of magi­cians from all over India, and P. C. Sorcar, who presided hopes that, as an Annual Event, it will unite all magicians in that country.

Thornton Poole

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 83-84, The Linking Ring Vol. 48 No. 10 (October 1968); Howard Bamman, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.