Special Mention from January 1967: Thornton Poole in Magic International

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 47 No. 1 (January 1967), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

An excerpt from the ‘MAGIC INTERNATIONAL’ article by Thornton Poole 

Recently I wrote Fred J. Hemi in Bombay, India to say that I hoped to see him and other IBM-ers in Bom­bay when I plan to be there for a day in April.

Brother Hemi is the Presi­dent of Ring 177 in Bangalore, India, and, only three hours after I had written I happened to be reading Ring Reports and saw that brother Bhavani Shanker Rao said that members of the Bangalore Ring would like to meet all IBM-ers that may get to their city. Please keep this in mind.

Unfortunate­ly, I will not have time to fly to Bangalore from Bombay, as the ship we will be on only stops for only one day at Bombay.

Ben Kleinman of New York has been most helpful to me and to others planning trips to the Orient, where he had such a success­ful tour a year or two ago when he helped Bangalore Ring to get its Charter. So, remember Ben should you plan a trip to the Orient, as I know he would willingly help you in your plans. 

Thornton Poole

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 106-108, The Linking Ring Vol. 47 No. 1 (January 1967); Alvin Richard Plough, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.