Ring Report from April 1996: India Ring 177 Fetes The Great K. Lal and Junior K. Lal

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 76 No. 4 (April 1996), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

India Ring 177 Fetes The Great K. Lal and Junior K. Lal

The Great K. Lal and Junior K. Lal worked from October 1994 to February 1995 in different Capitals of India. They were feted by the Ring recently for the stupendous work they are doing to promote interest in the Art of Stage Magic.

The first person to attend the Ring was Sri. S. Ramaswamy (Zesto), Vice President, with his chubby little son who is to turn out to be a Boy Magician. Since the Vice President had a performance committed much beforehand, he had to leave after signing the Register. The Ambassador and the Ring Secretary took all the pains to bring The Lals to the Padmanabhanagar address where the Special Get-Together was arranged, assisted by “The Karnataka Faculty of Magic.”

Bangalore Ring Meeting (I to r): The Great K. Lal, Prof. S.K. Vasantha Kumar, Junior K. Lal, Ring Secretary Jagadish Shukla.
Front, Baby Rashmi Nagashri, granddaughter of Prof. Kumar

As soon as the Lals arrived, they were duly photographed, and the Video was in attendance, received by Sri. S.K. Ramaprasad. After the attendance was taken by Sri. Sathyamoothy, who acted as Sergeant-at-Arms, a Welcome Key-Note Address was read out by the President Prof. S.K. Vasantha Kumar. It was detailed in the Address as hereunder:

“The Combined Special Meeting of the I.B.M. Ring, Bangalore and ‘the Karnataka Faculty of Magic’ is convened to herald with acclamation and appreciation of the stupendous Work of The Great K. Lal and his Son, Junior K. Lal, is really Great as he has given different ‘Dimensions’ to the Art of Stage Magic by adding Dances; Music; Special Lighting and Scenic Effects to fall in line with The Great Junior Sorcar.

This is reminiscent of The Great Chang. The Greatest Magic the Great K. Lal has done is training his son, Junior K. Lal, who is turned out to be a Superb Showman.

Formerly, The Great K. Lal was called by the Magicians’ Circle as the ‘Fastest Magician,’ the nomenclature is changed now and he is called ‘Lal the Luminary’ and his son is named as ‘Junior Lal, the Loquacious!’

They have made the Art of Stage Magic more Dramatic; the team work of the troupe is fully appreciated’. This conclave wishes the Lals greater success wherever they may play….”

The Address was distributed and the Lals were garlanded.

The Great K. Lal praised Prof. Vasantha Kumar in high terms for his continued interest in promoting the Art of Magic.

Members and others present at the Meeting are as hereunder: Siryuths Sudhindran, Unnikrishnan, Jagadish Shukla, P.S. Chandrasekhar, N.G. Ganesh, A. Satyamurthy, S.K. Ramaprasad, Sangameshera Rao, Balakrishna, B.S. Seshadri, Smthi. Mamatha Seshadri, Prof. S.K. Vasantha Kumar, The Great K. Lal, Junior K. Lal, Baby Rashmi Nagashri.

The Folder of Sri. K. Lal was distributed and Sri. B.S. Seshadri (The Chief Executive of the Karnataka Faculty of Magic) appreciated the quick Changing of Colour of the Dress of a dancing girl under cover effected by Junior K. Lal. Prof. Vasantha Kumar performed the Jumping Gems and presented one set to The Great K. Lal, the set being manufactured by Sri Balakrishna, the Father of Smthi. Sharmila, the senior student of the Karnataka Faculty of Magic.

A fervent request was made at the Meeting requesting the other members to join The International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Greatest Organization of Magicians of the World through the Bangalore Ring.

Thereafter the Trick Session started and the following performed: Prof. Vasantha Kumar opened the Trick Session by performing “The Bottle to Bouquet,” “Ball in Glass Casket,” and the “Linking Rings,” and introduced his Granddaughter Rashmi Nagashri. Baby Rashmi performed the Vanishing Knot very well, then after doing Wand “Magnetism,” she moved on to her favorite effect, the “Net-Egg Bag” which she performed Superbly and then she finished with the “Visual Color-Changing Feathers.”

Next, Smthi. Shrmila performed her new-type “Water of India” by producing silks from the water Lota after pouring out water. Then she did “Thimble Flight,” her presentation of “Ear to Ear Thimble Transit” was attractive, then she did the Vanishing Knot in Silk, and her Three Knots in Silk held by Kumari Suma, gone in a moment on her whisking the silk.

Then Sudhindran, son of Sri. Unni Krishnan Menon, entered with Princely Dress, opened with Vanishing Flower on Stalk. Then he performed Cut and Restored Rope with Chinese Sticks, being helped by Baby Rashmi and Sri. Balakrishna.

He produced Silks from a Change Bag, and finished with the Vanishing Candle, assisted by his father, Sri. Unni Krishnan.

Smthi. Roopa put up a brief Dance Ensemble. Next, Junior K. Lal performed Changing of Ten Rupee Note to Hundred Rupee Note fooling the magicians at close quarters, and then performed Cut and Restored Newspaper very diligently, after which Junior K. Lal was again garlanded by Sri. B.S. Seshadri, the Chief Executive of the “Karnataka Faculty of Magic” and the coordinator of the I.B.M. Ring.

Senior Lal talked high of the Bangalore I.B.M. Ring and praised Prof. Vasantha Kumar’s work.

To conclude the session, Sri. Jagadish Shukla, the Secretary, performed Vanishing Matchsticks in its Box under cover of a handkerchief. Then he performed his favorite Cards Pack Vanish and finished with the naming of the card drawn by Senior Lal at the back of Shukla when he turned the other side holding the pack at his back for any card to be pulled out and pushed into the pack, which act kept everybody bewildering.

After his giving Vote of Thanks, refreshments were served. Catering was looked after by Smthi. S. Sriranga, Smthi. Mamatha Seshardi, being supervised by Sri. B.S. Seshadri.

After “Magical Pleasantries,” the Special Session was concluded in a hilarious mood.

– Submitted to The Linking Ring by Jagadish Shukla.

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 114-117, The Linking Ring Vol. 76 No. 4 (April 1996); Phil Willmarth, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.