Ring Report from July 1989: Morris In Bangalore

Article reproduced with permission from THE LINKING RING, Vol. 69 No. 7 (July 1989), the official magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Morris In Bangalore 

In late February, Ring 177 members gathered to welcome Intl. President Edward A. Morris and his wife, Betty, who stopped in Bangalore during their world tour. Included in the welcoming group were Prof. S. K. Vasantha Kumar, Ring Pres.; Sri. S. Ramaswamy; Sri. Arunkumar Dutt; Sri. C. R. Corera; Sri. K. S. Ramesh; Sriyuth Ganesh, Chandrashekar, Prasanna, Prakash, Satish, Gopalakrishna, and Rangaraj. Sri. Jagadish Shukla cared for hotel arrangements. 

With the arrival of Mr. Morris and his party, Sri. Corera introduced the various individuals and the students of the Karnataka Faculty of Magic. Prof. Kumar, Ramaswamy, and Dutt garlanded the Morrises, and Chandrashekar presented Mr. Morris with a special sandal wood garland. Photos were taken and Sri. K. S. Ramesh drove the party, including Prof. Kumar and Ramaswamy, to the West End Hotel. On the way, various points of interest were shown to the Morrises. 

BANGALORE, INDIA — Ring 177 members gathered to welcome Intl. President Edward A. Morris in late February during his world tour. Above, top photo, I. to r.: Sri. Ramaswamy, V. Pres; Betty Morris; Sri. Jagadish Shukla, Secy.; Morris; Prof. Vasantha Kumar, Ring Pres. ; and Sri. Arunkumar Dutt, Joint Secy.

In the Grill Room of the hotel, a large display of magical memorabilia was on exhibit. Prof. Kumar and Sri. Corera escorted the Morrises on a tour and pointed out various photos, posters, and magazines. 

Intl. President Morris was asked to officially open the Seminar on Magic Awareness and the Compressed Magic Course organized by the Karnataka Faculty of Magic in Bangalore. C. R. Corera offered a welcoming speech and dwelt on the activities of the Ring including the reception given the late Intl. President, Ronald Haines, who had also visited many years ago. He spoke of how the Art of Magic had risen from its earlier level of Jaduwala. 

Prof Kumar spoke of the Art of Magic as Universal Entertainment with language presenting no barriers. Mr. Morris, after opening the Seminar, spoke of his world tour and of his pleasure in meeting with Rings and making new friends on magic. He also stressed the need for magicians to use magic to entertain the handicapped and hospital patients to help cheer them in their illnesses. 

Morris then offered several of his favorite magical effects with ropes and card effects and was assisted with spirit writing by Sri. B. S. Seshadri, Chief Executive of the Karnataka Faculty. 

Entertainment included, Sri. Ramaswamy. 

Following a coffee session, Sri. Ramaswamy introduced various members who provided entertainment. Sri. Dutt offered various bewitching card effects, all done very deftly. Ramaswamy performed several effects with silks and displayed his showmanship. 

Prof. Kumar offered card fan productions and the silk to egg and spoke of his appreciation for Mr. Morris’ remarks about showmanship and patter. Smthi. Mamatha Seshadri, Prof. Kumar’s daughter, did Spirit Knotting Silks in a glass tube in a wonderful fashion. 

Entertainment included, Smthi. Mamatha Seshadri. 

Sri. Ramesh performed Gypsy Thread and his Colour Changing cards and did them wonderfully well. Prof. Baas, Dean of the Karnataka Foundation in Mysore, did his Chameleon Wand and his torn and restored newspaper act in excellent fashion. Sri. Kempegowda did his coin routine and the ring off a rope nicely done. Sri. Satyamurthy offered his deft coin effects and a six currency routine which fooled all members. Sri. Prakash performed card productions including one with his hands interlocked and surprised everyone. Closing was Sri. Jagadish, Ring Secretary, who performed his floating currency wonderfully well. 

Young Rashmi Nagasrse, grandaughter of Prof. Kumar, was so taken with Mr. Morris’ realistic skunk prop, she repeatedly asked Mrs. Morris for it. Mrs. Morris delighted the youngster by making a special balloon animal and giving it to the child. 

Closing, Prof. Kumar garlanded Intl. President Morris and Mrs. Arunkumar Dutt garlanded Mrs. Morris. Mr. Morris, in turn, presented Prof. Kumar a certificate of appreciation for the work done by the Ring. 

Joint Secretary Arunkumar Dutt conveyed a vote of thanks to all. Smthi. S. Sriranga was in charge of props and other effects. Sri. Satyamurthy was in charge of entrance and room embellishment, and Sri. Nagendraprasad was in charge of overall assistance. 

The same evening, Mr. Morris appeared on the news program by Dooradarshan television and performed several effects. 

Submitted to The Linking Ring by Jagadish Shukla.

Article reproduced from: Pgs. 93-95, The Linking Ring Vol. 69 No. 7 (July 1989); Howard Bamman, ed.; International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA.

Sourced from: Linking Ring Archives at AskAlexander.org, A Conjuring Arts Project.