Last Ring meeting of 2020 provides a fitting finale to the pandemic year

BANGALORE, DECEMBER 17: Sunday the 13th is always special for us and this time too it did not let us down. Our last monthly meeting of the year was attended by Raja Moorthy, Sanjay Subramanyam, Karthik Rao, Shankar Junior, Anandan Kumaran, Clifford Parakh, Soumyabrata Banerjee, Shameer Salim, Subramanian Cholayil, Nakul Shenoy, Master Inesh Shenoy, and Master Ishaan Shenoy.

After a quick welcome to all the members and guests who had joined, an update to the ring activities were given by our Secretary Nakul Shenoy. With the official agenda completed, the group quickly moved to the tricks session, which is always the highlight of our gatherings. 

Master Ishaan Shenoy then told us the story of four thieves (jacks) who went into hiding in different parts of the world (deck) only to be caught together by the most magical of detectives (Ace of Spades). Master Inesh Shenoy followed with two card effects. First he had Nakul freely select a card and return it wherever he wanted, and then take the deck and shuffle it. Inesh then went on to divine the card accurately, to the amazement of all the members. Inesh followed this effect with a four ace assembly, where the deck cut in four parts ended up with the aces on top of each pile.

Nakul Shenoy distributed a few cards in a five envelopes, and asked a volunteer to mix these up leading to a random total. He then demonstrated how these random choices made by the volunteer could be easily predicted. He later shared his thinking and the handling of this effect, his latest twist on an old classic. 

Shameer Salim, logging in from the USA, showed us how he could charge his phone even with a broken cable. This had everybody scratching their heads and wondering if there was an app at play. But it was none, as was evident when Shameer kindly shared the workings of this effect — a latest of his tech innovations. 

Clifford Parekh of Goa decided to test a volunteer’s intuitionally powers using a few zener cards. He laid out a few cards and asked the volunteer to freely decide whether certain unseen cards were going to match a card or not. At the end of it, it emerged that the volunteer was psychic as the cards he had said would match were found to be in perfect pairs, while those that he said that he did not, were found to be of different shapes. This wonderful effect kept the members thinking for a long time after. 

Rajamoorthy who joined us from Trivandrum performed a fascinating version of the polygraph test with cards. He had a card freely selected by a volunteer, and then mixed back in. He then asked him a few questions where the volunteer was could lie or be truthful. Despite all that, Rajamoorthy amazed everybody by accurately divining the said card.

Shankar Junior performed one of his pocket (packet) tricks, where he demonstrated the coin through table effect with a few printed cards. It completely took everybody by surprise when at the end of the act, the said “table” was found to have a hole, through which the coins had ostensibly passed through!

Subramanian Cholayil was our last performer of the day, and introduced a curious tiny hourglass with a green liquid on one of the halves. Subramanian held the hourglass with his fingers and concentrated his psychic energies on it and we were all amazed to see the liquid inside rise up to the higher half of the hourglass. This effect was so wonderful that he was asked to perform it again, and again. He kindly obliged and only added to our amazement each time. 

With this, the last meeting of the year, drew to a close. We ended the meeting, hoping for a better, pandemic-free 2021, and looking forward to meet in the new year. Our next monthly meeting will be on January 10th, 2021.

Stay Safe, Make Magic.

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