Magic effects of every hue and colour make November memorable

BANGALORE, NOVEMBER 10: Stuck in the lockdown, one of the things magicians in India have begin looking forward to is the second Sunday of the month. This is when The Bangalore Ring meets, and 8th of November was that. It also turned out to be one of our largest gatherings ever with 15 magicians in attendance. 

The meeting began by welcoming our latest member Dibya Guha, and celebrating the Ring growing to 29 members, especially in the pandemic year! In a short period of time, the Bangalore Ring has managed to not just add membership, but also grow the overall membership in the country by bringing in more than 15 new members. That we should continue to grow the Ring and make this a wonderful community was the feeling shared by all. 

The business part of the meeting quickly dealt with, the group moved on to the performances, with the iTwins — Inesh and Ishaan kicking off the trick session. Master Ishaan Shenoy performed an over the telephone effect, via zoom albeit with his back turned to the camera. He has Shankar Junior think of a card, take it out, and lose it in the deck by placing a secret number of cards on top. In a little while as Shankar called off each card, Ishaan told him the card he was thinking off.

Shankar Junior then took stage to perform a new card effect that he had created, an out of this world inspired effect with animal cards. Freely selected and grouped picture cards turned out to be neatly separated into herbivores and carnivores. This well-liked effect led to further discussion on similar effects, and Shankar Junior was kind enough to share his handling and touches on the same.

Soumyabrata Banerjee shared a story and performed an over the zoom effect with everybody using their hands, to metaphorically explain that making compromises is not just a way of life, but also the right choice. Master Inesh Shenoy showed off his prowess with a pack of cards, shuffling and cutting it repeatedly to make the four aces appear, until they suddenly vanished to reappear from his jacket pockets! 

Nakul Shenoy asked Anand Omanakuttan who is in the Middle East to bring out his deck of cards and shuffle it. Then he asked him to look at a card and hide it back in the deck. Despite such impossible sounding odds, and separated by 1000s of kilometres, Nakul correctly divined the exact position of that selected card in the deck. 

Shankar Junior came back with a wonderful prediction effect performed with a set of number cards and blew everybody’s mind. Leons George performed a mind-reading effect with imaginary coloured dice, and then made that exact dice appear in his hands! Magician Subash joined in to vanish and reappear a piece of silk — his first in an online meeting! He followed this with cutting a rope and restoring it. 

Raja Moorthy joined in next and ran through a pseudo mind puzzle, which had all of us pondering over a solution till the point he sprang the punch-line on us to explain, “don’t overcomplicate things”. On popular demand, he performed his signature coin routine where he “charges” a coin and makes it visually flip on the back of his fist.

Dibya Guha followed with an entertaining rendition of an oil and water effect with four kings and four queens, where the cards kept separating despite being mixed very clearly and slowly. The trick session was brought to a fitting close by Subramanian Cholayil who performed a short version of the Indian Cups and Balls using only one cup and a ball. 

The members and guest magicians who attended the meeting included Shankar Junior, Nakul Shenoy, Saurav Mohanty, Leons George, Anand Omanakuttan, Soumyabrata Banerjee, Rakesh Syam, Abhilash Purohit, Master Dhanush, Dibya Guha, Magician Subash, Subramanian Cholayil, Raja Moorthy, Master Ishaan Shenoy, and Master Inesh Shenoy. Our next monthly meeting will be on December 13th. See you then!

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