First Online Magic Fiesta to be hosted by IBM Ring 177

Join us on Sunday, September 13th.

We are excited at the way the preparations for our One-Day Magic Fiesta is progressing. Sunday, the September 13th will see a full-day event filled with MAGIC – lectures, demonstrations, performances, and even competitions. Best of all, this magic fiesta is being conducted ONLINE.

IBM Ring 177 was originally came into existence on September 27, 1964 in Bangalore. And this one-day online Magic Fiesta is being organised to celebrate the 56th anniversary of India’s oldest active ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, USA. And the way things are progressing, we are only getting more excited by each passing day!

During the full-day event, we are proud to be hosting a special workshop by the wonderful Magician Raja Moorthy (from Trivandrum), and an expert technical session on using Zoom and conducting online sessions by TinyMagic founder & amateur magician Kumaran Anandan (from Chennai). In addition to these, we have many more sessions scheduled, which we will be announcing as the days progress!

For the first time, the Magic Fiesta event is being offered FREE to all our members. We will also let in a few of our past members, special invitees and guests. Since we want to keep this an exclusive event, we will have limited seats for this special online event.

So if you are interested in attending the IBM Magic Fiesta, best to reserve your seats right now than be disappointed later:

We hope to see you at the one-day Magic Fiesta on September 13th. More details will be sent only to those registered for the conference. SIGN UP NOW!

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