About The Linking Ring Magazine

THE LINKING RING is the monthly journal of magic published by the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), USA. Each issue contains over 160 pages of fascinating performer profiles, historical features, and magic for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced performer.

The Linking Ring monthly magic magazine (image courtesy: magician.org)

The famous “Hocus Pocus Parade” features in-depth explanations with wonderful artwork by Tony Dunn, one of the best illustrators in magic. Plus, read the reviews of the latest releases of magic books, tricks, and videos. To top it off, each issue includes information on the monthly meetings of I.B.M. Rings around the world. This helps you find out which group is right for you, and get involved to enjoy the magic!

The Linking Ring magazine is available only to the members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Join the I.B.M. today to receive a beautifully printed and perfect-bound copy of our journal each month, plus instant access to the same via the Linking Ring mobile app. The Linking Ring magazine can also be accessed through the I.B.M. website, along with over 100 back issues, containing over 17,000 pages of the best information in magic! For more details to joining the I.B.M., visit magician.org.

Missing your Linking Ring Magazine?

If you are an I.B.M. member in the United States and have not received your issue by the 21st of the month, please contact the office for a replacement. If you are a member outside of the U.S. and have not received your issue by the 30th of the month, please contact the office for a replacement.

To receive a replacement copy of The Linking Ring, please contact the Headquarters Office by the required time. It is the responsibility of members to notify the Headquarters Office within 90 days of a missed issue in order to receive a replacement. If we do not receive your notification within the 90 days we will be unable to resend the missing issue/issues. To help keep the cost of membership fees down it is necessary to place a time limit on the resending of missed issues.

Thank you for your help in controlling the cost of membership fees. The contact information for the Headquarters Office can be found on page four of each issue of The Linking Ring or on magician.org.


Please notify the I.B.M. Headquarters Office at least four to six weeks before you move. By notifying the office ahead of time you will receive The Linking Ring at your new address and avoid paying a five-dollar per issue charge to resend the missed issue to your new address.

Please see page four of every issue of The Linking Ring for the contact information for the Headquarters Office or visit magician.org.

PS: This article has been compiled from content available on magician.org for the benefit of local ring members and those interested in joining the I.B.M.

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