First Virtual Meeting of Ring 177 Proves Memorable

Joint Online Meeting of Rings 177 & 261 members a run-away hit with 20 magicians attending from across India and four countries!

On Sunday, August 9th, IBM Karnataka Ring 177 joined forces with its sister ring, IBM Dayanand Ring 261 to host India’s first online meeting of IBM members. Indian members of the IBM from across India and four countries, joined this unique 150 minutes virtual meeting. 

The session began with Nakul Shenoy, the Ring Contact and current Secretary of Ring 177 welcoming all the members and invited magician guests to the meeting. He also welcomed our four new members to Ring 177 and welcomed them to their first meeting. Some young magicians who were interested in joining the IBM were also in attendance to understand firsthand, the activities and advantages of being part of this august organisation. 

A screen-grab of the first virtual meeting hosted by IBM Karnataka Ring 177
A screen-grab of the first virtual meeting hosted by IBM Karnataka Ring 177

After presenting the plan to hold many more such online sessions for IBM members from across India, Nakul introduced Sreekanth S as the new Ring Contact for Ring 261. Sreekanth thanked all the members for the responsibility and assured them that he would serve the Ring to the best of his abilities. Sreekanth and Nakul both reiterated that the two rings would work hand-in-hand to improve the IBM’s local activities in India.

To this effect, Nakul introduced a shining, new website for Ring 177 at and drew the attention of all attendees to the rich 55 year history of the Ring. The members also congratulated the latest Order of Merlin inductees Nandakumar Kalathil and Nakul Shenoy, and the Order of Merlin Shield inductee Solyl Kumar, our beloved TVP.

This was followed by a touching and poignant memorial service to Master Chintan, the recently departed son of Prof. Madhav, a long-time member of IBM Ring 261. Master Chintan was a child prodigy who had won all that was to be won on the Indian magic stage and was a shining star in the world of magic by 2000s. But a mysterious illness took hold of him and kept him in the confines of his house and away from the thing that he loved most — Magic. After struggling with the illness for nearly two decades, Chintan breathed his last on 8th August.

A file photo of Master Chintan showing off his magic skills. Pic courtesy: Chethan S.

Our special guests and past members Kuddroli Ganesh and Shankar Junior led the memorial service for Master Chintan. Ganesh (who was Chintan’s mentor) shared intimate stories of Chintan’s journey in magic and achievements, while Shankar played a small clip of Chintan’s performance in the 1997 Udupi Convention, where the then 15-year-old had won the first prize. At the end of the video, all the attendees took to their feet and gave Master Chintan a fitting farewell via a standing ovation. 

This heart-wrenching memorial was followed by various magic performances, including David Nobo from Kolkata,  Shameer Salim from USA, Shankar Junior from Udupi, Nakul Shenoy from Bangalore, and Kuddroli Ganesh from Mangalore.

These mind-blowing acts were followed by two mini-lectures: “managing your finances during the pandemic” by Karthik Rao, our Ring Treasurer, and “Pivoting Your Skills To Increase Your Income” by Saurav Mohanty, who is an executive coach and one of our newest members.

Kumaran Anandan and Abhilash Purohit who are two more of our latest members also weighed in on these topics based on their corporate background and experience, and brought it all to a perfect closure. Other Ring Members that attended this online meeting included Leons George, Super Selvam, Tony Manjooran, and Venu Vinjamoori. 

We are thankful to our TVP India, Solyl Kundu for making a brief appearance at our online meeting, despite his ill-health. With 20 attendees from across India, USA, Middle East, and Australia, this was our largest monthly meeting yet. We thank all our members and our guests for making this such a memorable event, and already look forward to the next event! 

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