A Magical Pat on the Back

BANGALORE, JUNE 7: The IBM Ring 177 was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the International Secretary of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA).

Reproduced below is a part of the email received from Don Wiberg – the International Secretary and Past President (1984-85), regarding the activities of IBM Ring 177:

Dear Nakul:

I sent you an earlier email to acknowledge receipt of your reports. Since then I’ve had a chance to go to the links you provided and read the reports. As we would say in our country, WOW! I am very impressed with the reports. The Ring appears to have many worthwhile activities and they are presented in an attractive way. A side benefit of reading the reports is to connect names and faces of magicians who share our love of magic and the I.B.M.

The Ring 177 and its members are elated by the kind words of appreciation sent in by the International Secretary — especially since the Ring has been getting back on its feet for just about an year. Further, this pat on the back of its activities from Don will go a long way in encouraging all the officers and members of the Ring to double their efforts at achieving all the goals and dreams for the IBM Ring 177.

The Ring Coordinator Nakul Shenoy says, “This has been possible only due to the kind support extended by all the members in reviving and running the Ring. We look forward to the continued support and active participation of all our friends in the magic community to make this a highly successful initiative”.

Nakul’s long-term aim is to make this Ring, which is headquartered at The Magic Space (Bangalore), one of the most reputed and coveted Magic Rings in the world. “Together we can,” he adds enthusiastically.

The IBM Karnataka Ring 177 is a local chapter of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) and meets on the second Sunday of every month at its Ring HQ: The Magic Space in Bangalore.

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