Spirit of the Festival of Magic Empowers May Meet-up

BANGALORE, MAY 14: The May Meet-up of the Karnataka Ring 177 was held immediately following the Great Indian Festival of Magic, which was held in Bangalore on May 11-13. The festive spirit of the magic convention expectedly carried on to the Meet-up held the next day at The Magic Space.

L to R: Giridhar Kamath, Raja Dayanand, Vikram Shetty, Prahlad Acharya & Rajamoorthy R

The May Meet-up inadvertently became a joint meeting of IBM Rings 177 and 261, with members of both Rings turning up at The Magic Space, but also involved IBM members from all across India, and even one representation from British Ring 25! What followed was an open exchange of ideas, loads of magical fun and of course the usual IBM related activities.

With a room full of magicians from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, and even London, it was truly a pan-India gathering, and enabled discussions on the challenges facing running an active magic society in today’s day and time. The importance of continued close-cooperation of the only two active IBM Rings in India was highlighted by Nakul Shenoy, who was presiding the meet-up.

Kumar Kalathil shared an update of the experiences of IBM Fiesta 2012 that was organised by the Ring 261, while Magician Darius from London shared the various ways in which the British Ring 25 attracted newer members. Rajamoorthy, a member of Ring 177 and a Director at the Magic Academy Trivandrum, laid stress on the importance of having numerous activities useful to the fraternity at large to maintain an active inflow of new members.

This was followed by an extended trick session, with all the attendees trying to one-up the others. The performers including Mhelly Bhumgara from Mumbai, Prahlad Acharya from Bangalore, Raj Kumar from Delhi, Kumar Kalathil from Calicut, Rajamoorthy from Trivandrum, Ali from Hyderabad, Yona from Coimbatore, Vikram Shetty from Ooty, Samir Patel from Ahmedabad, and many more — made it a fun magical experience for each and all.

Back Row (L to R): Prahlad Acharya, Rajamoorthy R, Giridhar Kamath, Nakul Shenoy
Front Row (L to R): Darius, Ali, Raj Kumar, Samir Patel, Mhelly Bhumgara, Kaizad Bhumgara
Sitting (L to R): Suresh, Vikram Shetty 

The meeting extended much beyond the regular planned duration, and magicians were still seen hanging around exchanging thoughts and ideas for nearly. This meet-up has undoubtedly rejuvenated the efforts of the Ring to organise many more such awesome meet-ups.

L to R: Giridhar Kamath, Vikram Shetty, Raja Dayanand,
Rajamoorthy R, Prahlad Acharya, & Nakul Shenoy

Note: The next meet-up of Karnataka Ring 177 will be held at The Magic Space on Sunday the 10th of June At 9:30AM.

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