Monthly Meeting Promises Exciting Times Ahead

BANGALORE, March 11: The IBM Ring 177 (Karnataka Ring) met for its March monthly meeting at the Ring HQ – The Magic Space. Owing to various unavoidable reasons, this meeting was sparsely attended by the members.

The meeting had the main agenda of sharing information regarding the upcoming ‘IBM India Magic Fiesta 2012‘ to be held on March 25. This one-day fun event is being hosted by senior magician and IBM member P M Mithra at his Kerala hometown of Melukavumattom (a rustic village in Kottayam District), and will include a picnic to the famous Vagamon Hills.

The IBM Magic Fiesta is being held under the banner of IBM Ring 261, and will see IBM Ring 177 actively participate as a joint collaborator. This event is one in a chain of events being organised jointly by the only two active IBM local Rings in India, in their effort to strengthen the presence and activities of the IBM organisation in this country.

Our Ring Coordinator Nakul Shenoy read out the letter received from Prof Shankar (Ring President, 261) inviting the members of Ring 177 to join the IBM Fiesta in full force and make it a success. This was followed by a small discussion on how best to leverage this event to enroll more magicians into the IBM.

Next on agenda was the topic of the ‘Great Indian Festival of Magic,’ being organised by the Magic Academy, Bangalore on May 11-13, 2012. This International festival of magic is already making much news, and since some of our Ring members are closely associated with the event, there is an opportunity to leverage the local IBM Ring at the convention. It was decided that Nakul Shenoy would pursue this topic further with Praveen Kumar, a member of our Ring and part of the organising committee at the Magic Academy, Bangalore.

It was also decided to accept the TVP (India) Solyl Kundu’s kind offer of visiting the Ring for a regular meeting. It was unanimously felt that the opportune moment for this would be in the month of May, as the monthly meeting would coincide with the international convention being held in the City, and may provide the TVP more magic-related things to do, in addition to attending the monthly meeting of the Ring.

Srikanth C, Raja Dayanand (guest of the day), and Nakul Shenoy performed at the trick session, with the latter two sharing insights into making an effect your own by bringing in subtle differences to the method and performance.

The meeting was adjourned till the next monthly meeting of the Ring, which will be help on April 8th and will host a magic lecture too. Many members would anyway be meeting at the IBM Fiesta on March 25th in Kerala.

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