IBM Rings 261 & 177 to meet at Ernakulam on Feb 9

BANGALORE, February 03: The International Brotherhood of Magicians Karnataka Ring – IBM Ring 177 heartily welcomes our new members as the latest additions to the Ring.

  • HA Jayasimha (Bangalore)
  • Srikanth Canchi (Bangalore)
  • Karthik Rao (Chennai)
  • Raja Moorthy R (Trivandrum)

We hope our new members find and add value to the Ring and its activities, and together we will scale newer heights in magical performance.

With this, the membership to the IBM Ring 177 has grown to 20 members! We take this opportunity to thank all our members and well-wishers who supported our efforts at reviving the IBM Ring 177. If you are one of those, give yourself a pat on the back for all the support you have given in reviving the IBM Ring 177 and making it a success.

Taking our discussions of developing a close association with the IBM Ring 261, we are joining a combined meeting of IBM Ring 261 & IBM Ring 177 Meeting at Ernakulam (Kerala) on February 9.

This combined meeting of the two active IBM local Rings in India will be held on the sidelines of the Vazhakunnam Ugami Memorial Magic Convention, being held at Ernakulam on February 9th. Details of the convention has been posted at

We invite all our members to join the meeting that will be held at the convention premises, during an opportune break. As mentioned before, Prahlad Acharya and Nakul Shenoy will be travelling to Ernakulam for this and will be joining the combined IBM Rings 261 & 177 meeting.

We hope you will join in too.

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