February 9 sees joint meeting of Rings 177 and 261 in Ernakulam

BANGALORE, JANUARY 24: Thursday, the 9th of February is turning out to be a special day in many ways. This is when the 29th Annual Vazhakunnam Memorial Magic Convention is being hosted at Ernakulam. It is also the day that IBM Ring 177 and IBM Ring 261 will hold a combined meeting of its members to plan the road ahead.

As mentioned last week, the Ring Officers of Ring 177 and Ring 261 had agreed that the Vazhakunnam Convention presented the perfect opportunity for the IBM members of the region to catch up.

These two active local rings of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) located in southern India are coming together for a combined meeting on the sidelines of the Vazhakunnam Magic Convention. One of the items on the agenda is the IBM Annual Meet, to be held in the month of March under the leadership of PM Mithra.

Needless to add, IBM Ring 177 is very excited at this opportunity of meeting co-members from IBM Ring 261, and welcomes this opportunity to cement our combined efforts with IBM Ring 261 to work towards a powerful local organisation of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in India.

Basic details of the Vazhakunnam Magic Convention have been posted at:

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