Ring Charter Presented to Ring by Prof Shankar

BANGALORE, JANUARY 15: January 13th was quite a special day for the members of the IBM Ring 177. In what was a hurriedly convened but well-organised, fun and magical meeting, Prof Shankar the President of the IBM Ring 261, presented the Ring Charter as received from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA) to our senior member and Ring President-designate Uday Jadugar.

Among the trick sessions and the anecdotes shared, it also emerged that Prof Shankar had originally joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians through IBM Ring 177 in 1974 with the support of the ring founder Prof Vasanth Kumar. What a wonderful moment that one of the original members of Ring 177 Prof Shankar, present the Ring Charter to Uday Jadugar, who was also a student of Prof Vasanth Kumar.

Incidentally, the IBM Ring 177 was originally set up in 1965 by Prof Vasanth Kumar and a group of enthusiastic local magicians, and is today in its 47th year!

To view the photos of this event, see IBM Ring 177 Installation photoset.

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