Engaging with Magicians at Talk Magic Dealer’s Mela

BANGALORE, JANUARY 13: January 11th saw a unique Dealer’s Mela — a conclave of magic apparatus organised by Talk Magic in Bangalore. The IBM Ring 177 decided to make the best of this opportunity to reach out to nearly 200 magicians who had come from across the country for this event.

With the close cooperation of our senior member Uday Jadugar (who is also one of the founders of Talk Magic forum) and our Ring HQ – The Magic Space, we ran a mini-contest for all the attendees. The research questionnaire intended to reach out to all the magicians attending the conference, to understand from them their needs of a local magic society and appraising them of the activities of the INternational Brotherhood of Magicians and the IBM Ring 177.

This research will be continued in a couple of more conventions in the next few months, and the data collected will be used to create and design activities that would interest the magicians to participate in the IBM Ring 177 and The Magic Space.

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