Come! Be a part of the Curtain Raiser to IBM Ring 177

In a bid to revive the long dormant IBM Ring 177 at Bangalore, we are putting a nice one-day magic gathering together on Saturday, March 12 2011.

Thanks are due to The Magic Space under Giridhar Kamath, which has been magnanimous in hosting this event for us at short notice.

We are indebted to our Territorial Vice President – IBM (India) Solyl Kundu who has kindly made last minute changes to his travel plans to accommodate a magical day that among other things features his lecture.

Here is the official invite for you to come and join what we hope is a new chapter for IBM activities in India.

The Magic Space
proudly presents
Curtain Raiser Event – IBM RING 177
on Saturday, the 12th of March 2011
9:30 AM: Hello & Welcome…
Greet & Meet the Territorial Vice President – IBM, Magician Solyl Kundu
Initiate First Steps to revive the IBM Ring 177
Attend Magic Lecture by Wizard Solyl Kundu
Special Screening of Eric Mead‘s EMC 2010 Talk – Puzzles, Tricks, and Magic 
Interactive Magic Session with Prahlad Acharya and Nakul Shenoy
4:30 PM: Thank You! Come Again.
Come! Join us for a fun day filled with MAGIC! 

Limited Seats Only. Please contact us to confirm your participation.
The Magic Space, Opp. Avalahalli BDA Park Bus Stop, Girinagar, Bangalore. INDIA
Phone: +91 9900 970 099 | Twitter: @themagicspace | Website:

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